Eggman's Emulation Archive Sega Saturn - USA Releases updated: July 12, 2005            
    Game Game Archive Disc   verified Header Storage Two  
Game Name Country Company Year DVD # Format Disc ID# in emu? Hacked? Format Data Tracks Game Notes
3D Baseball USA Crystal Dynamics Nov-96 18 Bin/Cue T-15906H Yes   Zip    
Albert Odyssey USA WORKING DESIGNS JUN 1997 1 Bin/Cue T-12705H Yes   Zip    
Alien Trilogy USA ACCLAIM JUL 1996 1 Bin/Cue T-8113H Yes   Zip    
All Star Baseball '97 Featuring Frank Thomas USA ACCLAIM MAY 1997 1 Bin/Cue T-8150H Yes   Zip    
Alone In The Dark One-Eyed Jack's Revenge USA I-MOTION JUN 1996 1 Bin/Cue T-29401H Yes   Zip    
AMOK USA SEGA DEC 1996 1 Bin/Cue MK-81064 Yes   Zip    
Andretti Racing USA ELECTRONIC ARTS NOV 1996 1 Bin/Cue T-5020H Yes   Zip    
Arcade's Greatest Hits The Atari Collection 1 USA MIDWAY APR 1997 1 Bin/Cue T-9706H Yes   Zip    
Arcade's Greatest Hits, Williams USA MIDWAY NOV 1996 1 Bin/Cue T-9703H Yes   Zip    
Area 51 USA MIDWAY NOV 1996 1 Bin/Cue T-9705H Yes   Zip    
Astal USA SEGA JUN 1995 1 Bin/Cue MK-81019 Yes   Zip    
Baku Baku Animal USA SEGA APR 1996 2 Bin/Cue MK-81501 Yes   Zip    
Bases Loaded '96 Double Header USA JALECO DEC 1995 2 Bin/Cue T-5703H Yes   Zip    
Batman Forever The Arcade Game USA ACCLAIM OCT 1996 2 Bin/Cue T-8140H Yes   Zip    
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix USA SEGA FEB 1996 2 Bin/Cue MK-81029 Yes   Zip    
Battle Monsters USA ACCLAIM AUG 1996 2 ISO+MP3 T-8137H Yes   Zip    
Battle Monsters USA     19 ISO+MP3       Zip    
Black Fire USA SEGA AUG 1995 2 Bin/Cue MK-81003 Yes   Zip    
Blast Chamber USA ACTIVISION NOV 1996 2 Bin/Cue T-13003H Yes   Zip    
Blazing Dragons USA     18 Bin/Cue   Yes   RAR   verified dump
Bootleg Sampler USA SEGA OCT 1995 2 Bin/Cue MK-81031 Yes   Zip    
Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands USA ACCLAIM AUG 1996 2 Bin/Cue T-8131H Yes   Zip    
Bug Too USA SEGA NOV 1996 2 Bin/Cue MK-81040 Yes   Zip    
Bug! USA SEGA JUN 1995 2 Bin/Cue MK-81004 Yes   Zip    
Bug! (playable preview) USA SEGA SEP 1995 2 Bin/Cue MK-81030 Yes   Zip    
Burning Rangers USA SEGA MAY 1998 2 Bin/Cue MK-81803 Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Burning Rangers USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Bust A Move 2 Arcade Edition USA ACCLAIM JUL 1996 2 Bin/Cue T-8132H Yes   Zip    
Bust a Move 3 USA     18 Bin/Cue   Yes   RAR   verified dump
Center Ring Boxing USA VICTOR SEP 1995 2 Bin/Cue T-6005H Yes Japan Zip    
Center Ring Boxing USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams USA SEGA OCT 1996 2 Bin/Cue MK-81067 Yes   Zip Yes  
Clay Shooter (Sporting Clays) USA N/A N/A 2 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   for use with Gameshark
Clockwork Knight USA SEGA MAR 1995 3 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Clockwork Knight USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Clockwork Knight 2 USA SEGA DEC 1995 3 Bin/Cue MK-81036 Yes   Zip    
College Slam USA ACCLAIM JAN 1996 3 Bin/Cue T-8111H Yes   Zip    
Contra Legacy Of War USA KONAMI FEB 1997 3 Bin/Cue T-9507H Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Contra: Legacy of War USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Corpse Killer - Graveyard Edition USA     15 Bin/Cue T-16201H Yes   Zip   2 discs
Crime Wave USA EIDOS JAN 1997 3 Bin/Cue T-8807H Yes   Zip    
Criticom The Critical Combat USA VIC TOKAI MAR 1996 3 Bin/Cue T-2302H Yes   Zip    
Crusader No Remorse USA ELECTRONIC ARTS DEC 1996 3 Bin/Cue T-5014H Yes   Zip    
Cyber Speedway USA SEGA AUG 1995 3 Bin/Cue MK-81204 Yes   Zip    
Cyberia USA INTERPLAY DEC 1995 3 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Cyberia USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
D USA     15 Bin/Cue T-8106H Yes   Zip   2 discs
Darius Gaiden USA ACCLAIM DEC 1995 3 Bin/Cue T-8123H Yes   Zip    
Dark Legend USA DATA EAST OCT 1995 3 Bin/Cue T-1305H Yes   Zip    
Dark Savior USA SEGA NOV 1996 3 Bin/Cue MK-81304 Yes   Zip    
Darklight Conflict USA ELECTRONIC ARTS JUN 1997 15 Bin/Cue T-5022H Yes   Zip    
Daytona USA C.C.E. Netlink Edition USA Sega May-97 17 Bin/Cue MK-81218 Yes   Zip    
Daytona USA CCE Championship Circuit Edition USA SEGA NOV 1996 15 Bin/Cue MK-81213 Yes   Zip    
Decathlete USA SEGA JUN 1996 15 Bin/Cue MK-81115 Yes   Zip    
Die Hard Arcade USA SEGA NOV 1996 15 Bin/Cue MK-81057 Yes   Zip    
Die Hard Trilogy USA FOX INTERACTIVE NOV 1996 15 ISO+MP3 T-16103H Yes PAL Zip   no cuefile
Die Hard Trilogy USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Doom USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Dragon Force USA WORKING DESIGNS NOV 1996 17 ISO+MP3 T-12703H Yes   Zip    
Dragon Force USA Working Designs NOV 1996 18 ISO/MP3 T-12703H Yes   RAR    
Duke Nuke'm 3D USA SEGA OCT 1997 3 Bin/Cue MK-81071 Yes   Zip    
Earthworm Jim 2 USA SHINY MAR 1996 4 Bin/Cue T-13203H Yes   Zip    
Earthworm Jim 2 Beta USA SHINY JAN 1996 4 ISO UXW@203H Yes   Zip   data only, CDDA info not available
Enemy Zero USA SEGA OCT 1997 4 Bin/Cue MK-81076 Yes   Zip   4 discs
FIFA Road to World Cup '98 USA ELECTRONIC ARTS NOV 1997 4 Bin/Cue T-5025H Yes   Zip    
FIFA Soccer '96 USA ELECTRONIC ARTS DEC 1995 4 Bin/Cue T-5006H Yes   Zip    
Fighter's Megamix USA SEGA APR 1997 4 Bin/Cue MK-81073 Yes   Zip    
Fighting Vipers USA SEGA OCT 1996 4 Bin/Cue MK-81041 Yes   Zip    
Galactic Attack USA ACCLAIM OCT 1995 5 Bin/Cue T-8116H Yes   Zip    
Ghen War USA     15 Bin/Cue MK-81001 Yes   Zip    
Ghen War USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Golden Axe The Duel USA SEGA FEB 1996 15 Bin/Cue MK-81045 Yes   Zip    
Grand Slam '96 USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Grand Slam '97 USA VIRGIN JUN 1997 16 Bin/Cue T-07004H Yes   Zip   unknown game, possible header hacked
Grid Runner USA VIRGIN SEP 1996 5 Bin/Cue T-7025H Yes   Zip    
Guardian Heroes USA SEGA MAR 1996 5 Bin/Cue MK-81035 Yes   Zip    
Gungriffon The Eurasian Conflict USA SEGA APR 1996 5 Bin/Cue MK-81046 Yes   Zip    
Heir of Zendor USA KOEI SEP 1996 5 Bin/Cue T-7605H Yes   Zip    
Herc's Adventures USA LUCAS ARTS MAY 1997 5 Bin/Cue T-23001H Yes   Zip    
Hexen USA GT INTERACTIVE MAR 1997 5 Bin/Cue T-25406H Yes   Zip    
Hi Octane USA ELECTRONIC ARTS OCT 1995 5 Bin/Cue T-5002H Yes   Zip    
High Velocity USA ATLUS OCT 1995 5 Bin/Cue T-14402H Yes   Zip    
House Of The Dead USA SEGA MAR 1998 5 ISO+MP3 MK-81802 Yes   Zip    
House of the Dead, The USA     19 ISO+MP3       Zip    
Hyper 3D Pinball USA VIRGIN SEP 1996 5 Bin/Cue T-7015H Yes   Zip    
Impact Racing USA ACCLAIM AUG 1996 6 Bin/Cue T-8139H Yes   Zip    
In The Hunt USA THQ APR 1996 6 Bin/Cue T-10001G Yes   Zip    
Independence Day USA FOX INTERACTIVE FEB 1997 6 Bin/Cue T-16104H Yes   Zip    
Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal USA ACCLAIM SEP 1996 6 Bin/Cue T-8119H Yes   Zip    
Iron Storm USA WORKING DESIGNS APR 1996 6 Bin/Cue T-12701H Yes   Zip    
Last Bronx USA SEGA SEP 1997 6 Bin/Cue MK-81078 Yes   Zip Yes  
Last Gladiators Digital Pinball USA TIME WARNER OCT 1995 6 Bin/Cue T-4804H Yes   Zip    
Loaded USA GREMLIN JUL 1996 6 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Loaded USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Lost World Jurassic Park USA SEGA SEP 1997 6 Bin/Cue MK-81065 Yes   Zip    
Lunacy  USA ATLUS FEB 1997 7 Bin/Cue T-14403H Yes   Zip   2 discs
Madden NFL '97 USA ELECTRONIC ARTS SEP 1996 16 Bin/Cue T-5010H Yes   Zip    
Madden NFL '98 USA ELECTRONIC ARTS AUG 1997 6 Bin/Cue T-5024H Yes   Zip    
Magic Knight Rayearth USA WORKING DESIGNS NOV 1998 7 Bin/Cue T-12706H Yes   Zip    
Manx TT Superbike USA SEGA APR 1997 7 Bin/Cue MK-81210 Yes   Zip    
Marvel Super Heroes USA Capcom Sep-97 18 Bin/Cue T-1214H Yes   RAR   verified dump
Mass Destruction USA BMG SEP 1997 7 Bin/Cue T-18007H Yes   Zip    
Mechwarrior 2 USA ACTIVISION MAR 1997 7 Bin/Cue T-13004H Yes   Zip    
Mega Man 8 Anniversary Collectors Edition USA     16 Bin/Cue T-1216H Yes   Zip    
Megaman 8 Anniversary Collector's Edition USA Capcom JAN 1997 18 Bin/Cue T-1216H Yes   RAR    
Megaman X4 USA     18 Bin/Cue   Yes   RAR   verified dump
MLBPA Bottom Of The 9th USA KONAMI AUG 1996 7 Bin/Cue T-9505H Yes   Zip    
Mortal Kombat 2 USA ACCLAIM DEC 1995 7 Bin/Cue T-8103H Yes   Zip    
Mortal Kombat Trilogy USA MIDWAY JUL 1997 7 Bin/Cue T-9704H Yes   Zip    
Mr. Bones USA SEGA SEP 1996 7 Bin/Cue MK-81016 Yes   Zip   2 discs
Myst USA ACCLAIM JUL 1995 8 Bin/Cue T-8101H Yes   Zip    
Mystaria The Realms Of Lore USA SEGA OCT 1995 8 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Mystaria: The Realms of Lore USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
NASCAR '98 USA ELECTRONIC ARTS OCT 1997 8 Bin/Cue T-5028H Yes   Zip    
NBA Action '98 USA SEGA OCT 1997 8 Bin/Cue MK-81124 Yes   Zip    
NBA Jam Extreme USA     18 Bin/Cue   Yes   RAR   verified dump
NBA Live '98 USA ELECTRONIC ARTS NOV 1997 8 Bin/Cue T-5027H Yes   Zip    
Net Link Web Browser v1.011 USA PLANETWEB OCT 1996 16 Bin/Cue T-319-01H Yes   Zip    
NFL '97 USA SEGA NOV 1996 16 Bin/Cue MK-81111 Yes   Zip    
NFL Quarterback Club '96 USA ACCLAIM DEC 1995 8 Bin/Cue T-8109H Yes   Zip    
NFL Quarterback Club '97 USA ACCLAIM AUG 1996 16 Bin/Cue T-8136H Yes   Zip    
NHL '97 (Sega Sports) USA ELECTRONIC ARTS OCT 1996 8 Bin/Cue T-5016H Yes   Zip    
NHL '98 (Sega Sports) USA ELECTRONIC ARTS DEC 1997 8 Bin/Cue T-5026H Yes   Zip    
NHL All-Star Hockey USA SEGA AUG 1995 16 Bin/Cue MK-81002 Yes   Zip    
NHL All-Star Hockey '98 USA SEGA OCT 1997 8 Bin/Cue MK-81122 Yes   Zip    
NHL Powerplay '96 USA VIRGIN JUN 1996 16 Bin/Cue T-07013H Yes   Zip    
Night Warriors Darkstalker's Revenge USA CAPCOM FEB 1996 8 Bin/Cue T-1208H Yes   Zip    
Nights into Dreams USA Sega JUL 1996 18 MDF/MDS MK-81020 Yes   RAR    
Norse By Norsewest - The Lost Vikings Return USA INTERPLAY MAR 1997 16 Bin/Cue T-12522H Yes   Zip    
Norse by Norsewest: The Lost Vikings 2  USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Off World Interceptor Extreme USA CRYSTAL DYNAMICS AUG 1995 8 Bin/Cue T-15908H Yes   Zip    
Pandemonium USA CRYSTAL DYNAMICS FEB 1997 8 Bin/Cue T-15914H Yes   Zip    
Panzer Dragoon USA SEGA MAR 1995 8 Bin/Cue MK-81009 Yes   Zip    
Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei USA SEGA MAR 1996 8 Bin/Cue MK-81022 Yes   Zip    
Panzer Dragoon Playable Preview USA SEGA MAR 1995 9 Bin/Cue MK-81018 Yes   Zip    
Panzer Dragoon Saga USA SEGA MAR 1998 9 Bin/Cue MK-81307 Yes   Zip   4 discs - disc 2&3 header partially zero'ed out
Pebble Beach Golf Links USA SEGA APR 1995 16 Bin/Cue MK-81101 Yes   Zip    
Powerslave USA     18 Bin/Cue   Yes   RAR   verified dump
Primal Rage USA TIME WARNER APR 1996 9 Bin/Cue T-4802H Yes   Zip    
PTO 2 USA KOEI SEP 1996 9 Bin/Cue T-7604H Yes   Zip    
Quake USA SEGA NOV 1997 9 Bin/Cue MK-081066 Yes   Zip    
Rayman USA UBISOFT SEP 1995 9 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Resident Evil USA CAPCOM AUG 1997 9 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Revolution X - Music is the Weapon USA SEGA Feb-96 17 Bin/Cue T-8107H Yes   Zip    
Rise 2 - Resurrection USA ACCLAIM APR 1996 10 Bin/Cue T-8114-H Yes   Zip    
Road Rash USA ELECTRONIC ARTS JUN 1996 10 Bin/Cue T-5008H Yes   Zip    
Robo Pit USA THQ JUL 1996 10 Bin/Cue T-10002H Yes   Zip    
Robotica USA ACCLAIM JUL 1995 10 Bin/Cue T-8104H Yes   Zip    
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV Wall Of Fire USA KOEI JUL 1995 10 Bin/Cue T-7601H Yes   Zip    
Saturn Bomberman USA SEGA MAY 1997 10 Bin/Cue MK-81070 Yes   Zip    
Scud The Disposable Assassin USA SEGASOFT JAN 1997 16 Bin/Cue T-30403H Yes   Zip    
Sega Rally Championship Plus Netlink Edition USA SEGA MAY 1997 16 Bin/Cue MK-81215 Yes   Zip    
Sega Screams Volume 1 USA SEGA OCT 1996 10 Bin/Cue MK-81068 Yes   Zip    
Sega Touring Car Championship USA SEGA OCT 1997 10 Bin/Cue MK-81216 Yes   Zip    
Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 USA SEGA SEP 1996 10 Bin/Cue MK-81112 Yes   Zip Yes  
Shanghai Triple Threat USA ACTIVISION JUL 1995 16 Bin/Cue T-13001 Yes   Zip    
Shell Shock USA US GOLD APR 1996 10 Bin/Cue T-7901H Yes   Zip    
Shining Force III USA SEGA JUN 1998 11 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Shining Force III USA     18 Bin/Cue   Yes   RAR   verified dump
Shining The Holy Ark USA SEGA MAY 1997 11 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Shining the Holy Ark USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Shining Wisdom USA WORKING DESIGNS APR 1996 11 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Shining Wisdom USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Shinobi Legions USA SEGA AUG 1995 11 Bin/Cue T-2301H Yes   Zip    
Sim City 2000 USA MAXIS SEP 1995 11 Bin/Cue T-12601H Yes   Zip    
Skeleton Warriors USA PIE FEB 1996 11 Bin/Cue T-13204H Yes   Zip    
Slam & Jam '96 featuring Magic & Kareem USA CRYSTAL DYNAMICS APR 1996 11 Bin/Cue T-159028H Yes   Zip    
Solar Eclipse USA CRYSTAL DYNAMICS OCT 1995 11 Bin/Cue T-15911H Yes   Zip    
Sonic 3D Blast USA SEGA NOV 1996 11 Bin/Cue MK-81062 Yes   Zip    
Sonic Jam USA SEGA JUL 1997 11 Bin/Cue MK-81079 Yes   Zip    
Sonic R USA SEGA OCT 1997 11 Bin/Cue MK-81800 Yes   Zip    
Soviet Strike USA ELECTRONIC ARTS JAN 1997 11 Bin/Cue T-5013H Yes   Zip    
Spot Goes To Hollywood USA VIRGIN DEC 1996 12 Bin/Cue T-7001H Yes   Zip    
Steep Slope Sliders USA SEGA OCT 1997 12 Bin/Cue MK-81128 Yes   Zip    
Street Fighter Alpha USA CAPCOM DEC 1995 12 Bin/Cue T-1206H Yes   Zip    
Street Fighter Alpha 2 USA CAPCOM SEP 1996 12 Bin/Cue T-1213H Yes   Zip    
Street Fighter Collection USA     18 Bin/Cue   Yes   RAR   verified dump
Striker '96 USA ACCLAIM MAY 1996 16 Bin/Cue T-8133H Yes   Zip    
Tempest 2000 USA INTERPLAY NOV 1996 12 Bin/Cue T-12516H Yes   Zip    
Ten Pin Alley USA ASC GAMES SEP 1997 12 Bin/Cue T-13705H Yes   Zip    
Tetris Plus USA JALECO AUG 1996 12 Bin/Cue T-5704H Yes   Zip    
Tetris S USA BULLET PROOF S/W NOV 1996 12 Bin/Cue T-20802G Yes   Zip    
That Virtua Feeling Sub Pop & Sega Get Together USA N/A N/A 16 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   Audio Disc only - 12 tracks
The Incredible Hulk The Pantheon Saga USA EIDOS DEC 1996 12 Bin/Cue T-7905H Yes   Zip    
The Legend of Oasis USA SEGA JUN 1996 12 Bin/Cue MK-81302 Yes   Zip    
The Mansion of Hidden Souls USA SEGA SEP 1995 12 Bin/Cue MK-81012 Yes   Zip    
Three Dirty Dwarves USA SEGASOFT JUN 1996 13 Bin/Cue T-30401H Yes   Zip    
Thunder Strike 2 USA CORE DESIGN NOV 1995 13 Bin/Cue T-7902H Yes   Zip    
Tomb Raider USA EIDOS OCT 1996 16 Bin/Cue T-7910H Yes   Zip    
True Pinball USA OCEAN JUL 1996 16 Bin/Cue T-16406H Yes   Zip    
Tunnel B1 USA ACCLAIM DEC 1996 13 Bin/Cue T-8144H Yes   Zip    
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 USA Midway Jun-96 18 Bin/Cue T-9701H Yes   Zip    
Valora Valley Golf USA VIC TOKAI NOV 1995 13 Bin/Cue N/A Yes   Zip   header partially zero'ed out
Valora Valley Golf USA     19 Bin/Cue       Zip    
Virtua Cop USA SEGA OCT 1995 13 Bin/Cue MK-81015 Yes   Zip    
Virtua Cop 2 USA SEGA NOV 1996 17 Bin/Cue MK-81043 Yes   Zip    
Virtua Fighter USA SEGA MAR 1995 13 Bin/Cue MK-81005 Yes   Zip    
Virtua Fighter 2 USA SEGA NOV 1995 17 BIN/CUE MK-81014 Yes   Zip    
Virtua Fighter Kids USA SEGA AUG 1996 13 Bin/Cue MK-81049 Yes   Zip    
Virtua Fighter Remix USA SEGA AUG 1995 13 Bin/Cue MK-81023 Yes   Zip    
Virtua Racing USA     18 Bin/Cue   Yes   RAR   verified dump
Virtual Casino USA NATSUME OCT 1996 13 Bin/Cue T-31102H Yes   Zip    
Virtual Hydlide USA ATLUS JUN 1995 13 Bin/Cue T-14401H Yes   Zip    
Virtual On Cybertroopers USA SEGA OCT 1996 13 Bin/Cue MK-81042 Yes   Zip    
Virtual On Cybertroopers Netlink Edition USA SEGA JUN 1997 17 Bin/Cue MK-81072 Yes   Zip    
Virtual Open Tennis USA ACCLAIM APR 1996 14 Bin/Cue T-8129H Yes   Zip    
Warcraft 2 The Dark Saga USA ELECTRONIC ARTS JUL 1997 14 Bin/Cue T-5023H Yes   Zip    
Wing Arms USA SEGA NOV 1995 14 Bin/Cue MK-81024 Yes   Zip    
Winning Post USA KOEI DEC 1995 14 Bin/Cue T-7602H Yes   Zip    
Winter Heat USA SEGA JAN 1998 17 Bin/Cue MK-81129 Yes   Zip    
Wipeout USA PERFECT APR 1996 14 Bin/Cue T-18601H Yes   Zip    
World Series Baseball USA SEGA AUG 1995 14 Bin/Cue MK-81109 Yes   Zip    
World Series Baseball 2 USA SEGA AUG 1996 14 Bin/Cue MK-81113 Yes   Zip    
World Series Baseball '98 USA SEGA JUN 1997 14 Bin/Cue MK-81127 Yes   Zip    
Worldwide Soccer: Sega International Victory Goal Edition USA Sega May-95 18 Bin/Cue MK-81105 Yes   Zip    
WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game USA ACCLAIM APR 1996 14 Bin/Cue T-8112H Yes   Zip    
X-Men Children of the Atom USA ACCLAIM MAR 1996 14 Bin/Cue T-8108H Yes   Zip    
Missing Releases (confirmed):
Battle Arena Toshinden Ultimate Revenge Attack USA missing
Battle Stations USA missing
Battlesport USA missing
Black Dawn USA missing
Blazing Heroes USA missing
Braindead 13 USA missing
Breakpoint Tennis USA missing
Casper USA missing
Command and Conquer USA missing
Congo USA missing
Corpse Killer USA missing
Courier Crisis USA missing
Creature Shock USA missing
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos USA missing
Crow: City of Angels USA missing
Crypt Killer USA missing
Daytona USA USA missing
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Netlink Edition USA missing
Defcon 5 USA missing
Die Hard Trilogy USA missing
Double Switch USA missing
Dragon Heart: Fire and Steel USA missing
F1 Challenge USA missing
FIFA Soccer '97 USA missing
Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Baseball USA missing
Galaxy Fight USA missing
Gex USA missing
Hang-On GP USA missing
Highway 2000 USA missing
Horde, The USA missing
Johnny Bazookatone USA missing
Machinehead USA missing
Magic Carpet USA missing
Maximum Force USA missing
Minnesota Fats Pool Legend USA missing
NBA Action USA missing
NBA Jam Tournament Edition USA missing
NBA Live '97 USA missing
Need For Speed, The USA missing
NHL Break-Away '96 USA missing
Olympic Soccer USA missing
PGA Tour '97 USA missing
Photo CD Operating System USA missing
Pro Pinball USA missing
Quarterback Attack USA missing
Revolution-X USA missing
Scorcher USA missing
Sega Ages: Afterburner, Outrun, Space Harrier USA missing
Sega Rally Championship plus International Rally USA missing
Sega Worldwide Soccer '98 USA missing
Shockwave Assault USA missing
Sky Target USA missing
Space Hulk USA missing
Space Jam USA missing
Star Fighter USA missing
Street Fighter: The Movie USA missing
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo USA missing
Theme Park USA missing
TNN Motorsports: Hardcore 4x4 USA missing
VR Golf USA missing
VR Soccer USA missing
World Cup Golf Pro USA missing
Worms USA missing
WWF In Your House USA missing
These are possibly due to bugfixing. No easy way to identify those, unless you look at the header of the CD.
There may be more-these are what is currently known.
LANGRISSER III (J) 1.000 - 1.010
LAYER SECTION (J) 1.001 - 1.002
NETLINK WEB BROWSER (U) 1.011 - 1.135
SOUKYU GURENTAI (J) 1.003 - 2.000
BLACK MATRIX (J) T-20113G / T-20115G / T-20118G
FIGHTERS MEGAMIX (U) 11 APR 1997 / 18 APR 1997